Terms & Sizing


Terms and Conditions:

Texas Crew is an organization subject to rules and regulations from the university and the practicalities of being a student run organization. We strive to outfit our athletes with the best gear we can acquire for the best value. To do this, we often buy our items in bulk and we do not necessarily carry the capital to purchase extras stock in all sizes. We also have added many new items to the fall catalogue in recent years and need to order in bulk to attain the significant discount available to us. Please keep this in mind when making your order this fall.

The University of Texas at Austin holds one of the most valuable collections of trademarks in the country. Through proper approval we are allowed to outfit our team with these designs. Our new items require new trademarking verification and thus the designs may be subject to change.

Sizing information is given in good faith. Due to the constraints listed above, we are not able to perform exchanges for sizes in every case. We will do our best to work with you to rectify any problems with sizing we can. (E.g. exchanging with another athlete, correcting the size in a future order)

In the case of order mistake or other legitimate issue, refunds will be applied to current dues balance or applied as credit for future apparel order. Please contact the Texas Crew treasurer and apparel coordinator if such a problem should arise.

Additional Patagonia Information:

The Patagonia Team Store provides high quality gear to athletes at an appreciable discount. Individuals items must meet a minimum order total and are intended for athletes when ordering. Please use your discretion when ordering and disclosing pricing information to others. Privileges may be revoked by Patagonia.

If an item fails to hit the minimum required order, it may be pulled from the offering and funds discounted in the ways discussed above. We will do our best to avoid this.

Exact embroidery Designs may be subject to change in accordance with trademarking rules.




All Items From Patagonia are Regular Fit

Regular Fit: Neither slim nor oversized. Regular-fitting technical garments may be worn over heavier midlayers.

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