Help Us Grow

Texas Crew is a student-run organization. We are always in need of boat maintenance and repairs, as well as adding newer boats to our fleet. We also need to pay our coaching staff to keep our training as tough as possible through the rowing season. We welcome you to help Texas Crew grow by helping us with a monetary donation.


Donor Wall

Legacy Tier ($3000 - $7499)

Matthew McConaughey

Colleen & Paul O'Leary

Coach Tier ($1500 - $2999)

Fong Lam

Nancy & Bruce Wood

Paul & Susan Schweizer

Coxswain Tier ($1000 - $1499)

Ada & Brian Gies

Varsity Tier ($500 - $999)

Eric Havemann

Thomas Salgado

Fred Winston

Mary Roth

Jennifer Waters

Oliver Barfield

Fred Frey

Willian Keros

Mary Lee Pinkerton

John Reichner

James Ward

Novice Tier ($250 - $499)

Kirill Sevastyanenko

Susan DeCourcy

Paula Miltenberger

Sarah Broeker

Kathleen Caliento

Dawn Coronado

Mary Barrett

Kerri Manning

Dave O'Neill

John Plauche

Sotcheff Family

David Thorton

Will Nguyen

Ricky Starks

Lily Chen

James Geshwiler

Dave Herrick

Richard & Dina Houston

David & Julie Miller

John Mitrowski

Jamie Morey

Marilyn Mowry

Jackson Young

Kelley Boston