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About Us

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Who are we? 
Texas Crew is the first collegiate rowing team in Texas. Founded in 1969, it merges the athletic spirit of the University of Texas with the prestige and rigor of the Ivy tradition of rowing. We represent Texas in races across the nation, but our training culminates in a national championship in May. Texas Crew competes successfully against both varsity and club programs and ends the season consistently as one of the fastest programs in the region. 
We send rowers to compete at the Head of the Charles regatta in Boston, the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships, and the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship, held on the former 1996 Olympic rowing course in Gainesville, Georgia. The rowing team is comprised of two squads each for men and women: Novice and Varsity.


Texas Crew has been rowing for the University of Texas at Austin since 1969. We have been working hard to excel at both our academics and our athletic performance. We have had many great years of succesfull regattas, and the team has grown big and strong with the years. We have however faced many challenges. Texas Crew is not an NCAA program so we receive little funding from the university. It is up to our rowers to fundraise enough money to pay our coaches' salaries and to maintain our boat fleet.

In 2012, we also had a crisis on our hands. We had been rowing on Lady Bird Lake from a boathouse that a generous alumni had allowed us to use. The boathouse was suddenly sold, and we we had no place to store or launch our boats from. We had to work hard to keep the team going for a few years. Morale may have been low, and it was definitely hard to keep the team motivated. In the end, we managed to secure a new dock at Texas Rowing Center, and we have been launching from TRC ever since.

In the past few years, now that we have secured a dock, we have been focused on growing the team. We are pushing our recruitment efforts to the max. We look for the biggest, strongest, and toughest athletes that we can find. We are looking to remain the biggest sports club at the University of Texas at Austin, and to become one of the top rowing programs in the country.


Men's varsity 2000m

Time Rower Year
6:09.4 Chris Sayre 2005
6:09.4 John Oberg 2005
6:18.0 Jeremy Niznick 2008
6:18.5 George Manthos 2006
6:22.0 Zachary Boven 2013
6:24.0 James Ward 2006
6:24.0 Alex West 2014
6:24.5 Jonathan Purcell 2004

Women's varsity 2000m

Time Rower Year
7:24.0 Brittany Norris 2010
7:28.3 Kelly Webeck 2009
7:28.3 Sara Keidel 2008
7:29.8 Dianne Schwake 2011
7:30.5 Jill Welch 2004
7:34.0 Maretta Dewitt 2017
7:38.6 Tania Martinez 2013
7:39.9 Katherine Goff 2003

Men's novice 2000m

Time Rower Year
6:15.8 John Oberg 2004
6:21.0 Andy Zelenak 2010
6:26.0 Jeremy Niznick 2006
6:26.3 Ben Coffey 2007

women's novice 2000m

Time Rower Year
7:34.8 Sara Keidel 2007
7:35.7 Marifer Valencia 2017
7:38.4 Kelly Webeck 2007
7:40.6 Claire Bills 2018
7:40.7 Audrey Springer-Wilson 2012


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